As an award winning colorist, John Davidson has created color styles for a vast number of clients for feature, indie and documentary films, commercials, web spots, television series, music videos and corporate projects. (visit the client page) John’s years of experience and personality make him very easy to work with and trust. He can first work with you by testing your footage – helping you decide the style that you are looking for while building a strong trustful relationship. AMERICAN CINEMATOGRAPHER MAGAZINE quotes International Producer/Director Martin Smith as stating “I’ve been producing for 30-plus years, and John Davidson is probably the best colorist I’ve come across anywhere in the world." 

Being one of the first color houses solely dedicated to color, we are not locked into a full post facility overhead so we keep your costs down. We have understanding and respect for the devoted filmmaker and truly want to help you get your project finished in a professional and affordable manner. We love hearing your stories while working in creative partnership with you to produce the best reflection of your project.

Feel free to call us at any stage of production to discuss your workflow or have a free test run of your footage for problematic or style concerns. Simply send us your test footage via the internet or ship your hard drive via conventional manner. Most clients work remotely with us. We work with filmmakers all over the world.

We look forward to helping you create just the right style for your finished project.

Visit our: movie reel, montage and before and after reel.

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